SQL Saturday #851 – A new thing in town…

“Why don’t we have a SQL Saturday in Stockholm?” a friend asked me a few years ago. “I honestly don’t know”, was my answer. “There is a lot of people in Stockholm, but for some reason they don’t seem to be able to organize one. There is one in Gothenburg that’s been working fine for […]

Podcast episode 70

In this episode we officially introduce Toni, we talk about news in Power BI, unexpected radio experiences, news in Intune, Windows Admin Center, and we rant a bit about upcoming MDM changes in iOS 12. Subscribe to us on Spotify, on iTunes or listen to the episode right here: Show notes:

Podcast episode 69

In this episode we talk about jetlag, Star Wars Celebration IX in Chicago, the upcoming Microsoft Ignite: the tour in Stockholm, the Global Azure Bootcamp in Linköping, Power BI April updates as well as the new Surface Hub 2S! Subscribe to us on Spotify, on iTunes or listen to the episode right here: Show notes: […]

Podcast episode 68

In this episode we talk about a few of the new Power BI features, the fact that Windows 10 now has over 800 million users, the Global Azure Bootcamp, Windows virtual desktop and a quick recap of the MVP summit! Subscribe to us on Spotify, on iTunes or listen to the episode right here: Show […]

Podcast episode 67

In this episode we sit down with fellow MVP Matouš Rokos (MVP Azure) and talk about infrastructure as code, keeping up with tech and knowledge transfer! Subscribe to us on Spotify, on iTunes or listen to the episode right here: Show notes: Matouš Rokos on Twitter

Kerberos fails with CIFS using AOVPN

Hey. Today I want to talk about an interesting case that involves Kerberos, Always On VPN and access to CIFS. A customer has recently deployed Always on VPN in their infrastructure. Most clients worked well with that but a few had mixed issues with old VPN clients installed on some machines. Cisco AnyConnect usually worked […]

Upgrading the lab

Good day to you. Today I’ve done a little write-up about my home lab equipment. I was noticing a few slowdowns once I got around 10 vm’s running on my old “server”, which was an older gen Intel E3 1240 series CPU running 32Gb of DDR3 RAM, SSD cache and spinning HDDs for mass storage. […]

A Swede went to Finland, spoke and learned

A couple of weeks ago now, I was focused on preparing for, and speaking at, Techdays in Helsinki, Finland. I was really happy to be accepted for the conference after Alexander spoke there last year and praised the arrangement. I was also very happy that Techdays choose to accept my session on Windows Virtual Desktop, […]

Powershell for printer creation, with bonus feature.

Hey, the Finn here again with another random post. A client reached out to me since they are in the process of switching print servers. They have a lot of printers, to say the least. They are all managed manually and they felt that they would like avoid the hassle of creating all the print […]

Azure ASM (Classic) and migrating to ARM

Hey, Toni here again. Some customers are still stuck on using Azure classic for their deployment. Microsoft has done a lot of work for many years to convince everyone to move over to Azure Resource Manager (ARM) model and with good success as well. Did you know that they offer good tools (well scripts actually) […]

Podcast episode 66

In this episode we talk new beta features from SQL Server 2019 CTP 2.3, thoughts from SQLBits, news from Intune and ConfigMgr as well as some very strange SQL Server behavior! Subscribe to us on Spotify, on iTunes or listen to the episode right here: Show notes: Analysis Services updates in CTP 2.3 Intune news […]

Windows Admin Center certificate

Hey there. The Finn here with another little quick update. This time on Windows Admin Center and certificates. You are using Windows Admin Center, right? It’s good stuff. You like good stuff, right? Self-signed is the default option, but man is that an ugly way to go. Here is how you update your Windows Admin […]

Azure vNet peering and why it’s great

Hi, my name is Toni aka “The Finn” from some guest appearances on the show. I was invited to write some stuff here so here goes. I have recently been doing some Azure work and want to share some of that with you. Building your applications and infrastructure in multiple Azure networks or even regions […]

Podcast episode 65

In this episode we talk HoloLens 2, Azure Kinect, revisiting best practices, upcoming speaking, Simon shares a a rant on Windows Virtual Desktop opinions and Toni Holopainen (@MrBlackSwe) joins the crew! Subscribe to us on Spotify, on iTunes or listen to the episode right here: Show notes: HoloLens 2 introduction CNet HoloLens 2 introduction article […]

Speaking at SQL BITS!

I’m going to SQL BITS! Not only going, but also speaking – I’m very excited to be delivering “DAX for the SQL developer” at 1420 in a room called “Snake Eyes”. What could possibly go wrong? This is my first time at BITS, both as a speaker and an attendee, and I am very much […]

Podcast episode 64

In the fourth episode of 2019, a.k.a “get out of the car”, we talk high availability as a concept, false security with 8 characters, our latest travels and deploying Power BI using InTune! Subscribe to us on Spotify, on iTunes or listen to the episode right here:

Deploying and Managing Power BI using Microsoft Intune

This post is written on request by parts of the Power BI community. I’ve really enjoyed writing it, not because it’s a deep dive, because it isn’t. I’ve enjoyed writing it because this post will show what you can do with Intune and Windows 10, which will help another strong community to grow and make […]

Podcast episode 63

In the third episode of 2019, a.k.a “kränkt”, we talk about the new Power BI February update, the both of us teaching different subjects, The Accenture-Avanade-Microsoft partnership, and what’s new in ConfigMgr! Subscribe to us on Spotify, on iTunes or listen to the episode right here: Show notes: Power BI Desktop February update Microsoft-Accenture-Avanade co-op […]

Heading to Norway and NICCONF

Tomorrow I’m heading to Oslo and the Nordic Infrastructure Conference (NICCONF) – one of my favorite conferences! I’ve been invited to deliver three sessions this year: “The force awakens – Azure SQL Server for the on-prem DBA” which is an introduction to Azure SQL Server in its different shapes, “Azure Machine Learning for the absolute […]

Podcast episode 62

In the third episode of 2019 (a.k.a “into the mancold”) we talk about email-based subscriptions in Power BI, the Power BI service high availability FAQ, Joe Sack interviewed on SQL Down Under, exciting news about Windows Managed Desktop, Desktop App Assure going GA and a few tidbits from InTune! Subscribe to us on Spotify, on […]

Podcast episode 61

In the second episode of 2019 we talk about thin clients, Simon keynoting in Germany and gallivanting in Ireland, and news with Power BI! Subscribe to us on Spotify, iTunes or listen to the episode right here:

Back on the road

The first month of the new year is more than half way done. Time flies, but I’ve already had time to go to SQL Saturday Linz in beautiful Austria. I delivered “Headless chicken – calming the sysadmin-turned-DBA” to a full room, and it was 60 minutes of fun, shenanigans and failing to use a flipchart […]

Podcast episode 60

In the first episode of the year, we outline some of our plans for 2019, our upcoming schedule and talk a bit about some extra special Power BI and Windows news that caught our eyes since the last time! Subscribe to us on Spotify or listen to the episode right here:

Podcast episode 59

In episode 59, the last episode of 2018, a.k.a “flash from clear sky”, we look back on what the year has brought. This includes the evolution of Power BI, Microsoft acquisitions, Microsoft Virtual Desktop, Intune AppDeployment, us becoming MVPs and the future for the blog and podcast! Subscribe to us on Spotify or listen to […]

Podcast episode 58

In episode 58 of Knee-Deep in Tech we talk about several important Power BI blog posts, Surface Hub 2, the upcoming Chromium-based Edge browser, Windows Lite and the power of the Microsoft community! You can find us on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/1AwQDgaycKwSzfGRLAHLLJ or play right here:   Show notes: Marco Russo – understanding numeric data type conversions […]