Toni Holopainen - 1980-2021

I remember it like it was yesterday. Simon calling me on late one evening, telling me that Toni was dead. We didn’t speak that much between the episodes, but his brother had gotten concerned when Toni dropped off the radar a few days earlier. After several days of no word from Toni, his brother went to his apartment and found him deceased.

We were devastated - our friend, our colleague, our co-host in this endeavor was no longer with us - just like that. He was 41 years old.

It has now been a year to the day without Toni. Life goes on and the pandemic is slowly easing its grip on the world. We are starting to see events coming back, and we’ll be bringing the memory of Toni with us whenever we get to go to his absolute favorite event - Microsoft Ignite.

Toni is sorely missed.

Toni Holopainen 1980-2021