The Tech of Knee-Deep in Tech, 2020s edition - part 2

In part 1 of this blog series I outlined the gear we use to record the podcast. This part will focus on the techniques and settings we use to recording an episode. Gear Recording Post Processing Publication We share a OneNote file with ideas and information for every episode. We kind of screwed up the episode numbering early on. While we’re technically on episode 104 at the time of this writing, we have recorded several more specials and weirdly numbered episodes. This goes to show that not all ideas are good ideas in the long run and that starting a podcast isn’t easy… We generally try to aim for 30 minutes.

The Tech of Knee-Deep in Tech, 2020s edition - part 1

Matthew Roche pinged me on Twitter the other day to ask about the workflow and gear I use to record Knee-deep in Tech. After responding on Twitter I decided it was time to do a new round of “The Tech of Knee-Deep in Tech”. I’ll divide this into several blog posts due to the sheer amount of information. Gear Recording Post Processing Publication Let’s kick off the first part of the series – the gear. Recording on the move When we’re at the same place to record (which is rare these days) or when we’re out and about and do interviews with people, we use a Zoom H6 recorder and AKG C520/C520L microphones.