SQL Saturday #851 – A new thing in town…

“Why don’t we have a SQL Saturday in Stockholm?” a friend asked me a few years ago. “I honestly don’t know”, was my answer. “There is a lot of people in Stockholm, but for some reason they don’t seem to be able to organize one. There is one in Gothenburg that’s been working fine for a few years, maybe you could ask Mikael Wedham?”

I didn’t know the main organizer Daniel Hutmacher very well back then, but we’ve met a few times through the years and despite him being ill he made it to the last SQL Saturday Gothenburg. I think that he had already started considering a Stockholm-based SQL Saturday already, as he unveiled his idea a bit later. Here we are today, and in two days’ time – Saturday May the 4th – SQL Saturday #851 is going to happen in Stockholm! We’re close to 300 attendees and I an very excited to deliver “Arguing with myself – self-service BI from an infrastructure perspective” at 4.30. The speaker lineup is exceptional: Kevin Kline, Grant Fritchey, Matthew Roche, Pinal Dave, Ruth Pozuelo Martinez, Uwe Ricken, Mikael Wedham, Ola Hallengren and several other internationally renowned speakers are standing by.

I’ve been a (very) small part of the organizing team for SQL Saturday #851, but as my schedule has been absolutely bonkers I haven’t had much time to contribute at all. Daniel and the others have done all the heavy lifting but I am looking forward to contributing onsite during the day. The funny thing with Daniel is that he doesn’t care very much if someone says something can’t be done – yet another reason to work with him or employ his services. He gets things done like few others.

If you’re into SQL Server, like great speakers, free, amazing content, are close to Stockholm and have the Saturday unplanned – come join!


SQLSaturday #851 - Stockholm 2019

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