Podcast episode 62

In the third episode of 2019 (a.k.a “into the mancold”) we talk about email-based subscriptions in Power BI, the Power BI service high availability FAQ, Joe Sack interviewed on SQL Down Under, exciting news about Windows Managed Desktop, Desktop App Assure going GA and a few tidbits from InTune!

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Show notes:
Email-based subscriptions in Power BI
Power BI high availability FAQ
Greg Low and the SQL Down Under podcast
More info about Microsoft Managed Desktop
Desktop App Assure GA
InTune news

Podcast episode 61

In the second episode of 2019 we talk about thin clients, Simon keynoting in Germany and gallivanting in Ireland, and news with Power BI!

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Podcast episode 60

In the first episode of the year, we outline some of our plans for 2019, our upcoming schedule and talk a bit about some extra special Power BI and Windows news that caught our eyes since the last time!

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Podcast episode 59

In episode 59, the last episode of 2018, a.k.a “flash from clear sky”, we look back on what the year has brought. This includes the evolution of Power BI, Microsoft acquisitions, Microsoft Virtual Desktop, Intune AppDeployment, us becoming MVPs and the future for the blog and podcast!

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Podcast episode 58

In episode 58 of Knee-Deep in Tech we talk about several important Power BI blog posts, Surface Hub 2, the upcoming Chromium-based Edge browser, Windows Lite and the power of the Microsoft community!

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Show notes:

Marco Russo – understanding numeric data type conversions in DAX


Kasper de Jonge – Time intelligence solved with modelling and crossfilter instead of DAX measures


Patrick LeBlanc @ Guy in a Cube – Power BI Paginated Reports: Data source, Dataset and parameters