Azure vNet peering and why it’s great

Hi, my name is Toni aka “The Finn” from some guest appearances on the show. I was invited to write some stuff here so here goes.
I have recently been doing some Azure work and want to share some of that with you.
Building your applications and infrastructure in multiple Azure networks or even regions is a common practice nowadays. But some of you might not know that you can very easily stitch together those different virtual networks by using Azure’s own back-bone instead of creating elaborate VPN solutions that used to be the case many years ago.

Let’s say you have a production network and a developer network that you want to interact in between. Pretty much all you need to do is to go to your respective network and create the peerings. Very easy and straight forward. Within an Azure Site, you can even allow a network to utilize the gateway to give access to your on-premises networks with a check-box.

Once you have your peerings connected, you will need to make sure that your network security groups allow traffic between the networks and also, don’t forget the local firewall on your server.

That’s it! Enjoy connecting your Azure regions and networks together without complex gateways or VPNs.

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