KneeDeepInTech is a weekly(-ish) podcast covering IT and technology, focusing on the Microsoft stack. We are two MVPs and one very experienced solutions architect, all of us are Microsoft Certified Trainers and between us we have over 40 years of IT infrastructure experience.

Alexander Arvidsson
Principal Solutions Architect @ Solution Xperts

Alexander has spent most of his career working in the dark depths of technology. He has experience from both specific fields such as databases but also between technologies where surprisingly few venture.

These days he is completely focused on data (including Power BI, Azure and SQL Server). He works as a principal solutions architect at Solution Xperts in Linköping, Sweden, helping his customers take better care of their data. His role includes presale and customer presentations, mentoring of colleagues, technical training and technical evangelism as well as design, architecture and implementation of data related projects.  He loves training people and sharing any and all knowledge he has amassed, especially as a speaker at various events. Thanks to his contributions to the Microsoft community he was awarded the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for Microsoft Data Platform in 2019/2020 and was again renewed as an MVP for 2020/2021.


Simon Binder
Principal Technical Architect @ TrueSec

Simon Binder is a Microsoft Enterprise Mobility MVP –and Principal Technical Architect at TrueSec. In his role, Simon gets the opportunity to work both with workplace architecture as well as in technical sales regardless of technology – but with a strong Microsoft focus.

He likes to call himself a Technical Evangelist and he absolutely loves to be challenged and inspire colleagues, customers and the community in general. His goal is to empower every person to be both productive and happy at work – regardless of where it is at any particular moment.

Simon Binder holds several Microsoft certifications, works as a P-Seller with Microsoft and is proud to call himself MCT. He has always been a tech-guy, and always ensures to be up to date – with hands-on experience – and finds that it’s more important than ever to look outside the Microsoft-sphere, even if it feels scary sometimes.